zondag 4 mei 2014

He takes control

He ordered me to come to him
he leashed me
he told me what to do
he told me i could speak

he asked me how i felt
he asked me what i needed

he took me home
he comforted me and listened
he takes care of me
He takes Control...


it took a little getting used to walking on your leash
i have a few bruises, and push them with a smile
tender flesh, small souvenirs of our moments together
and again.. that moment.. Sit on the chair Lilian
immediately i sink into high protocol
saying You instead of you
when you ask me how i feel, i focus on what i feel indeed
and not what my brain says i should answer
open and raw, i tell you what is inside me

this is what i need
not high protocol 24/7 maybe.. but these moments
when you give me that little push
and make me feel i am yours
this is how you guide me..
more then a leash
you guide my heart and spirit
i love you