maandag 28 september 2015

The first time

There is a first time for everything.
Walking, whistling, making love..
Or kneeling, being blindfolded, offering your wrists to be cuffed..

Yesterday I had my first scene, and I am still coming back to earth a bit I think.
A coffee date with a Dom on sunday morning and maybe even the feel of a flogger.. my thoughts had not gone beyond that. But from the moment we met I felt safe and at ease, and I knew that whatever happened, it would be fine.
And oh boy it was!

The rings on my wall were finally used, as quite a few of the toys in my suitcase, my homemade floggers, and several of His too.
For the first time I felt that balance for real, where He was dishing out and have me take it, and at the same time I had the control in that it was I who set the boundaries..
I have been flogged, hugged, spanked, kissed, slapped, cuddled.. I crawled on my knees, was put in the corner.. and many more things I will keep for myself and remember with a smile..
I have cried a lot, not from pain but from intense emotions.

Some moments keep coming back to me, like where I was standing in a corner, in the dark, bare feet on stone floor and hands in my neck.. and I felt this immense peace. I had asked for a break and He told me to go and stand there, and after some minutes I realized that it was just what I needed.. not a coffee and a cigaret, but just.. being there, because He told me so.. I submitted to Him, but He gave me what I needed.. again the balance.

Do you remember the first time you made love? And the next day you think everyone can tell by looking at you? That’s how I feel today!
I am so grateful to this Man, the care He showed in ensuring my first time was as good as it could be.

I have marks and muscle ache, my body hurts but my spirit soars...
Humbled and Proud and Happy