zondag 8 november 2015

The rope

'Would you like to try?' he asked. I took a deep breath and nodded, the scent and feel of the small bundle of jute intruiging me.
A myriad of thoughts ran through my mind, about showing my less then perfect body, the chronical tension that always causes me to fidget, the lack of patience, coming straight from work and probably wearing smelly socks and and and...
I undressed only the top half of my body and stood there while he prepared his ropes, and got started..
Oh boy..
The feel of the jute on my skin, the sound when it was pulled over and under itself, the earthly clean smell of the rope, even the light thud when the ends dropped on the floor, the way i was gently pushed and pulled and bound tight..
It felt like a ceremony, a tea-ceremony maybe, only without the tea..
Every move and motion made me slip deeper into peace and quiet..
His gentle care guided me and helped me lose my distracting thoughts and inhibitions and i could simply enjoy the balance of giving up my body and receiving liberation.
With my arms on my back he helped me lay down on my belly, tied my legs, connected them to my ams and then also tied my hair causing my head to be pulled back towards my back and feet..
Now i had seen this postion before, on pictures and paintings and always wondered how the women could stand being so uncomfortable, but instead i relaxed.. i could let go, at last.. I probed around a bit inside myself, and found that, in being immobilised, i was released from 'having to' and i let go a bit more.. and more.. and more.. I flew.
And i still do, knowing this is out there waiting for me...

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