vrijdag 13 december 2013

A word from a Friend...

Dear Masters and Girls and A/all of you,

I have spent the last few days with RL friends, who are very important to me...
Bright people, with a great heart, and always working to help people grow and develop, when needed.

They have known me for a long time, with long pauses in between sometimes, but we are like family.
The moment i stepped through the door Monday morning, they noticed a difference in me. I walk , talk, radiate confidence, is what they said...

I told them what i do and found here, what i have found within myself, about submission, about D/s...
And somewhere in the middle of our conversation, Bart got up, took me in a BIG bear hug, and said Welcome home, at last!

He asked me to Thank Y/you all and I promised I would, so here it is:
From the bottom of his heart: THANK YOU!!!

with love, from them and me,


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