zondag 24 november 2013

A Gift

It struck me today, as i cycled through the forest, thinking about all that has befallen me lately..
After my last disastrous  relationship, I thought: no more. never again do I want to be given this feeling of being unworthy, of being unequal, of being a burden...

I am happy with my home, my family and friends, my cats... and it is so much easier to be happy with myself this way too... I chose to be single!
The underlying and surpressed feeling however, is the one that says:
you have nothing to offer...  not rich, not a model, not a sports person etc
It has been my way always to focus on other peoples good sides and my bad ones...

but today I realised I do have something to offer. Something that can never be bought or taken.
It is priceless and treasured beyond measure in the hands of one worthy to receive it:

My Gift:


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